Texting the Chimera

Kent Alexander and Melinda Buckwalter perform Texting the Chimera with text from Roland Barthes’s Empire of Signs with documentation from here, there, and everywhere. First, here’s a few images of us from the AUNTS in Brooklyn this June 2013. These were taken by Anne Hillam:


Below are more images from The Cultivate Festival, curated by Katherine Ferrier in Bethlehem, NH. It was a lovely time in August: Small town, great mountain air, an art walk, fantastic food, and interesting and dedicated dance people from all over doing their dance thing however they can make it happen. Here’s some fun images of the piece by Arthur Fink with Kathy Couch designing the lights:

From the Cultivate Festival: video by Harry Newell and co. Many thanks to Katherine Ferrier, curator, and also to Mary Ramsay, Jen Harmon, Daniel Lepkoff for feedback. Password is the last name of the author whose text is featured in the piece. 😉

Texting the Chimera from Melinda Buckwalter.

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