Published Writing

Publishing Projects

Online Articles

Writings for CQ

Editorial Work Online


Composing While Dancing: An Improviser’s Companion
University of Wisconsin Press, 2010

Scholarly Writing

“Hold My Hand: A Somatic Analysis of Sacred Circle Dancing”
Journal of Dance and Somatic Practice, Vol 12 No 2, 2021

“Dancing the Land: An Emerging Geopoetics”
The Handbook of Improvisation in Dance
Oxford University Press, 2019

“Making Room for Difference: Devotional Circle Dancing”
Music and Movement
Society for Ethnomusicology {Student News} Vol 15 No 1, 2019

Publishing Projects

SEEDS Prognosticator

CQ Chapbook 3, Nancy Topf’s Anatomy of Center

CQ Chapbook 1, newDANCEmedia

Online Articles

“Nancy Topf” on

Release – A Mystery on Contact Quarterly’s website

Simon Whitehead in conversation with Melinda Buckwalter on movement research’s critical correspondence

Melinda’s Writings for CQ 

“Space In Time”

“Now You See It, Now You Don’t”

“Giving Body to a Body”

“5 Degrees of Inspiration”

Melinda’s editorial work at Contact Quarterly:

“The Page on Stage” by Merridawn Duckler

“Susan Rethorst in Conversation with Colleen Leonardi” Interview

“Surrender: Dance in Prison” by anonymous

“Hold Me Close and Let Me Go” by Julia Wallace

“Round Pen Scores: Dances Informed by Natural Horsemanship” by JoAnna Mendl Shaw

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