Composing While Dancing

Composing While Dancing: An Improviser’s Companion, by Melinda Buckwalter. University of Wisconsin Press; 231 pp., 22 photos/drawings], $24.95; Kindle, $9.99.
Visit the books facebook page for a look at some practice-in-photos.

You can buy the book through Contact Quarterly :), University of Wisconsin Press :), or Amazon

You can buy the ebook version here:
Barnes & Noble’s Nook, UW Press, Kindle

Dance improviser and coeditor of Contact Quarterly, Melinda Buckwalter mines her direct experience of  the improvisational strategies of 26 pioneering contemporary dance artists and their varied approaches to this art form. With a mosaic of histories, methods, sample practices, source writings, and biographies of the artists, including Barbara Dilley, Simone Forti, Nina Martin, Mary Overlie, Steve Paxton, Min Tanaka, et al., Composing offers a much needed and inspiring resource for dancers and dance educators. Photo by Paul Kyle who also did the cover photo for the book.

Composing While Dancing Reader Reviews

Composing While Dancing YouTube Video and Artist Videos

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