The Somatic Office

My dance practice
work samples


Made For Video
A Walk in the [New England] Woods, dance film (2018)
COMPOSiTE, selfie dance film (2017)
Faraway, pilot for live performance, WIP
Body/Face/Writing (2012), pilot for live performance, WIP
No Place Like Home (2012), video environment and sound score for live performance, companion of Red Shoes
Red Shoes (2011), a fairy tale in Chinese with subtitles, dance film
HIGH NOON (2011), with Jen Harmon and Gale Turner, music by Mike Vargas

Live Performance Documentation:
Last Chance to Get it Right  by Melinda Buckwalter, Kristen Stake, Jacob DeRaadt (sound).
Texting the Chimera Password is the last name of the author of The Empire of Signs.
The Somatic Principles Information Table (2010), slideshow of performance piece
Moving the Writing (2009), video of a reading and solo performance, excerpted from a showing of Simone Forti’s Logomotion workshop
The Mahavidyas (2008) by the Sometimes Collective, edited collection of work samples, slideshow and video
My Science Project (2002) , video of a solo performance
Bodywork for Landscape (2002), video selections from a group piece performed at Bennington College
Paper Dance (2000), solo performance slide show
Anatomy Talks (2000), video of a performance piece based on the work of Nancy Topf, anatomical release technique pioneer

Photo Blog:
Butterfly Beach, an excerpt of a larger work to be published with a collection of writings on the work of Indonesian dancer Suprapto Suryodarmo.
Somatic Action: A Crawl to Arms
Somatic Action: Power Crawl
Somatic Action: Crawling for My Humanity
Somatic Experiment 1: Where Do Squirrels Go When It Rains?
Somatic Experiment 2: SWOMA

Dance Research for Video:
Office Dance Silhouette, habitual movement
Single Image Score adapted for one, Tuning scores

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