Place [Maker] Space

Julia Handschuh, Lailye Weidman, and I are collaborating to create Place [Maker] Space, a 3-day interdisciplinary convergence, in order to create dialogue and share practices around notions of place. We are investigating both hacking and maker faire structures. Place [Maker] Space will be held at Earthdance next September 19 to 22, 2013.

From Ecohack‘s website: EcoHack is about using technology to improve and better understand our natural environment. Based on the hacking model of quick, clever solutions to problems, EcoHack is an opportunity to make a difference while having fun! For Place [Maker] Space, we are throwing “embodied technologies” into the mix and contemplating issues of place as it presents itself in the contemporary dance dialogue.

Here is Dale Dougherty on maker and hack spaces.


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