Anatomy of Center

Contredanse Chapbook Event

Coming up this Thursday, June 17 at 11am U.S. East Coast time, a Topf Technique class with bits of historical information about the work in order to celebrate the publication in French of Nancy’s Anatomy of Center chapbook through Contredanse in Belgium. I’ll be giving the talk/class in English with French translation by Aude Fondard, who translated the chapbook. It’s free, please register through this page. Click the blue button!


Class is free! Do not feel obliged. Any donations will go to the School for Topf Technique. Please paypal me at melinda dot buckwalter at gmail and earmark as Topf. Thanks!

Class is here on Zoom:
Passcode: 262113

Class Description

Wednesdays at 1:00 PM EDT in May

Anatomy of Center introduces the experiential anatomy dance work of Nancy Topf – Topf Technique and Dynamic Anatomy. In this course, we use basic anatomical imagery as an entryway into movement exploration and improvisation to support and empower your everyday movement and creative process. These classes, which include guided stretching and self-regulated movement, will energize and refresh you midweek.


Find Nancy Topf’s Anatomy of Center Chapbook from Contact Quarterly here. PDF $5 USD.

Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy FaceBook page here for more classes.

The Living Room Dance Collective FaceBook event page here. Visit the Living Room’s offerings!

Week 4 Images, May 26

Bones of the heel foot below, bones of the ankle foot above.
Ankle Foot / Heel Foot from Pamela Matt, A Kinesthetic Legacy: The Life and Works of Barbara Clark 1993

Center Line from Irene Dowd, Taking Root to Fly 1981

Week 3 Images, May 19

Four Curves of the Spine, The Anatomy of Center by Nancy Topf chapbook from Contact Quarterly 2012.
Four bundles of lumbar support Calais-Germaine and LaMotte from Anatomy of Movement 2014.

Week 2 Images, May 12

Side bend of the spine, Anatomy of Movement Exercises, Calais-Germain & Andrée Lamotte, 1996, Eastland Press.

Week 1 Images, May 5

Colorful cross section of the face, neck and skull.
The Human Body, Bruun & Bruun, 1982 Random House.
Anatomy of Movement Exercises, Calais-Germain & Andree Lamotte, 1996, Eastland Press.

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