Dance Anthropology

Melindas Badge

Yes, it happened again, when I saw those words—dance anthropology—I thought THAT’s what I want to do. This fall I am off to University of Roehampton’s MA in dance anthropology program in London. And I got this fancy badge to do it! Not sure what else to do with the fancy badge other than post it here but perhaps I will think of another use along the way.

UPDATE: My experience at the University of  Roehampton was amazing. I thoroughly recommend the MA in dance program. For my MA in dance anthropology I developed a yearlong fieldwork project investigating circle dancing in a multicultural London community and wrote a 93-page dissertation. My Fulbright cohort met in London, Newcastle, and Edinburg, Scotland so I got to see a bit of the country in between writing. Another big dream was also fulfilled: I attended Simon Whitehead’s Locator 26 workshop in Wales in which we hiked, danced in the woods, and slept in a medieval gatehouse.

img_0336.jpg               img_0187.jpg

Left, lost in the woods; right, our medieval dance hall.

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