Last Chance to Get It Right

Kristen Stake and I collaborated on a score for performance for FAB’s 11th Annual Winter Dance showcase in Lewiston, Maine in February 2016. We are joined by Jacob DeRaadt on sound.

Miss Stake writes: With both improvisation and choreographed materials, LCTGIR  creates a fairy­-godmother­-like relationship between soloist and fellow dancer. As the soloist dances across the space, her collaborator uses fabric, party streamers, confetti, glitter, lipstick, construction paper, hairbrushes, canned fog, and other paraphernalia to support her dance. As amplified machine and other found­sounds fill the space with demonic tones, the dancers perform in unison choreography and then “smudge” the space by skittering around and staring down bad spirits.

Images below are of the fabulous Miss Stake in a recent tuning score session, photos by Miss Buckwalter. Here’s a link of the performance, enjoy.

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