The SEEDS Prognosticator

The Prognosticator is BROKEN 😦 New link coming soon.

Concept by Melinda; Design by Melle Dragon; Text by SEEDS participants. With thanks to SEEDS co-creators Margit Galanter and Olive Bieringa.

Background of the SEEDS Prognosticator: I was selected as an artist in residence for the first SEEDS (Somatic Experiments in Earth Dance + Science) arts and ecology festival. My research project was on somatic components of thought (see blogs from SEEDS) but I was also charged with documenting and archiving for the festival. After six days of experiments with scientists and somaticists giving collaborative “nature walks,” I then created an effigy as an archive of my research. The effigy hung in the crabapple tree overnight, and when she was cut down, she stood! (The effigy must come to life, of course, to be truly successful.) She also bled, but I will save that photo for the blog (to come). Besides the effigy, I wanted to create a published document of the festival. I came up with the idea of the Prognosticator which selects quotes from participants of the 2008 festival, and neatly, is expandable to include future festival participants’ words of wisdom. Thanks to Craig Harman and Spirit Joseph for programming help.

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