Making “Practice as Research” a Thing

Thanks to Johannes Birringer and others, here’s an event at Brunel University. I like the “noting resistances” line, anywhere else you would like to add? No resistance from my square inch of the USA:

“Prof. Robin Nelson’s presentation, “From Practitioner to Practitioner-Researcher”, will briefly summarize the state of play in PaR nationally and worldwide, noting resistances (for example, in the USA and continental Europe). The body of the presentation will address the adjustments a practitioner needs to make to undertake research as understood in “the academy” alongside adjustments the PaR initiative has drawn the academy to make to accommodate it (at least in the UK). The latter involves shifts in what is understood by ”knowledge” and “knowing” and its effective sharing across the university sector. I move towards the epistemological-methodological model I have developed in arguing (in my forthcoming book) that PaR is a new methodology – an extension of the spectrum of research methodologies in the academy.

“Robin Nelson is Professor of Theatre and Intermedial Performance and Director of Research at the University of London, Royal Central School, and an Emeritus Professor of Manchester Metropolitan University. He has published widely on the performing arts and media and on “practice as research”. He is a co-founding editor of Critical Studies in Television, for which he guest co-edited a special issue on Archiving (5/2, November 2010). Recent books include: (co-edited with Bay-Cheng, S et al) Mapping Intermediality in Performance (Amsterdam University Press, 2010); State of Play: contemporary “high-end” TV drama (Manchester University Press; 2007); Stephen Poliakoff: on stage and screen (Methuen Drama, 2011). Prof. Nelson has just completed Practice as Research in the Arts (Palgrave, Spring 2013).”

I am there in spiritus!

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