Single Image Score adapted for one

Here’s a series of Lisa Nelson’s Single Image Score adapted for one that I made for Tornare a Casa / Coming Home (see score below). I made this video in response to being asked to create a video “about me” for the project. I called the about me Hui Jia which is Chinese for coming home.

I became interested in making “felt videos” back when I was in grad school at Bennington College. To me, a felt video meant that there was a special emphasis on felt sensation being transferred through the visual. Back then, I gravitated toward pain: bare feet in snow, walking on sharp rocks. Interesting, Bennington is where I later met Lisa and learned her single image score. When Lisa asked us to make a short solo for “tuning” by the group, she suggested that  we show each other something about what we see. In this instance, I think it is a perfect vehicle for saying something about me and showing my home.

Hui Jia from Melinda Buckwalter on Vimeo.

Here is my score for the single image score adapted for one and iphone:
Prop up your iphone and check the view finder. That will be your image space, absorb it. Next, enter what you think is the image space with your eyes closed and create your still image, your body inserted into the image space. Allow time for this new image to be read. Then, move to a new still image, again allowing time for this image to read. Exit, I like to keep my eyes closed, to see where your body feels off camera is.

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