Composing While Dancing Reader Reviews

Book Reviews: Composing While Dancing: An Improviser’s Companion

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Ah. Can one dance without composing?

Just to say I read your romp through the jungle of improvisation and really admire of bookness of it. How you composed while writing… It is a companionable book, returning as it does to reopen topics, murmur personal asides, make friendly suggestions. If it could make tea, or laugh out loud, the companionship could blossom into friendship quickly.

I felt treated with care while reading it. I very liked the amazing index and the way the glossary was handled. I haven’t read the notes yet, but no doubt will keep it near for browsing and reference so eventually will drink in every word and space you composed.

Well done.

–Steve Paxton, featured artist

I just got the book in the mail and have been reading it non-stop…. I can’t wait to try some of things out in my own dancing and with my students. What a huge undertaking and it came out just beautifully, I am so excited to delve in!

–Joanna Rotkin, dance faculty, University of Colorado, Boulder

I have your book! I have started reading it! I am so thrilled for you and also happy for me that I have a provocative and trustworthy text to read that aligns with my own experiences thinking while moving (which happens alot).

–Megan Nicely, dance faculty, University of San Francisco

I am thick in your book. I wake up excited to read it. I often find that all I want to do is get some info and inspiration from it and then go into the world and dance with some new perspective in mind and let my body do the “walking” and talking and then go back home and read it some more over a cup of tea.

–Caitlin Hellerer, dancer

Got my copy ~ so impressive! I’m in awe of what you’ve done ~ built a constellation of improvisers and I’m proud to be included. What catches me is that independent of one another we often arrive at similar places ~ almost like some natural evolutionary process.

–Barbara Dilley, featured artist

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