Somatic Principles Information Table from SEEDS 2010

Embedded below is a slide show info piece on the Somatic Principles Info Table, photos by Otto Ramstad/BodyCartography, which was contentiously, lovingly, and collaboratively made by Melinda Buckwalter and Gale Turner, senior Body-Mind Centering practitioner and former Meredith Monk-The House performer extra-ordinaire.

ArtSpeaking: Somatic Principles Information Table, a “situation piece,” masqueraded as an information table at a green crafts and education fair. The performance offered movement through the manipulation of objects as an alternative mode for the communication of information. Grass, moss, bark, and rock are presented as principles; through simple verbal cues which animated them, they grow into sign, language, and theater.

Blog: We were investigating objects that might reflect somatic principles for the SEEDS arts and ecology festival in 2010, and we wanted to bring our week-long research into performance. We had quite a few ideas about how to do this, one I remember was a pair of experiential shoes—boxes filled with different textures that you could strap to your feet. We “performed” our information table as part as a Green Crafts Fair that took place during the SEEDS festival, offering “information” in the form of embodied actions.

Somatic Principles Information Table from Melinda Buckwalter on Vimeo.

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